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Overlooking a salmon-bearing creek and a green belt, our counselling studio is situated in an ideal location for therapy. Surrounded by over an acre of forest, with sounds of flowing water and wildlife, and away from any sounds of city and traffic, this unique setting facilitates optimal healing and relaxation.

During the warmer season, clients are encouraged to spend a few minutes before and after their session to reflect or meditate quietly near the creek or on the bench outside the studio.


Tranquil Space


" I love the the way I feel when I set foot in the Creekside studio. Its so tranquil and peaceful and the soft hum of the creek is so nice and soothing. The comfortable couch and warm fireplace makes my therapy so amazing. "


Jenna D.

The design of the counselling studio was done with the vision of a spa-like space that would calm all the senses and facilitate healing.

Inside the studio waiting room, clients can help themselves to a variety of teas and snacks. Clients can even choose to remove their shoes and put their feet up for ultimate comfort during their session.

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